BNR Partners Estate Taxation

The taxation of Deceased Estates and Testamentary Trusts is a complex and specialised area of taxation that is often poorly understood by many tax and legal practitioners, resulting in inaccurate tax assessments, the unnecessary depletion of estate assets and the possibility of Executors becoming personal liable for taxation after the completion of the administration of the estate.

BNR Partners Estates and Trusts team are considered nationally as leading tax advisors on Estates and Trusts taxation matters, and with one of the only dedicated team of accountants in the country that specialise in this niche and complex area of taxation, provide estate taxation solutions and advice to Legal Practitioners, Executors and listed Trustee Companies right across Australia.

Our vision is to be known by 2020 as the advisor of choice to specialist administrators, practitioners and executors, by providing leading professional tax advice and services on Deceased Estates and Trusts.

Our Books

Taxation of Deceased Estates for Estate Practitioners

This book provides the answer to key questions such as the tax responsibilities of executors and when a tax return is required. It addresses a number of fundamental estate taxation issues such as capital gains tax, superannuation proceeds and the concepts of present entitlement.

CGT on A Deceased Residence – A Tax Minefield

One of the largest assets of a typical deceased estate is often the principal place of residence. What is often inadvertently overlooked is that the sale of the residence may trigger a number of Capital Gains Tax issues for the estate. The book explores this minefield and gives clear guidance on how to handle this issue.

Latest Updates

Changes to foreign Resident CGT Withholding Tax Rules

Lasts week’s federal budget is being labelled by many as a ‘non-event budget’, however as often is the case, one needs to dig deeper to reveal the finer details, and this budget certainly contained a few unexpected sleepers.

A Tale of Caution on Estates of Immigrants

One of the things I love about Australia is our multiculturalism and the benefits that this brings to both our culinary and everyday life experiences. For many years, Australia has been welcoming immigrants and refugees from the many corners of…

Anti-Detriment Payments to end June 2017

Little is known in the market about anti-detriment payments, but essentially it is an additional lump sum amount that can be paid to a dependant of a deceased person when a lump sum death benefit is paid or when an…