Personal budgeting and cash flow management

Where does all my money go?
How can I start to save for my holiday, car, first house or investment property?
We help you prepare and monitor a personal budget to grow your savings

Investment advice – shares vs. managed funds

How do I get started in the investment market? Is there an appropriate time to invest? We offer a diverse mix of practical investment alternatives

Asset protection and personal insurances

How would I meet my day-to-day expenses if I was unable to work due to illness or an accident? How would my family cope in the event of my death? We will calculate and track down the right insurance cover for your individual needs

Tax planning strategies

Can I minimise the amount of tax I pay? Is negative gearing an appropriate strategy for me? We provide calculations and guidance, and offer alternatives

Retirement planning

How do I choose a superannuation fund? Is a Self Managed Superannuation Fund right for me? What if I’m interested in a transition to retirement option? Will I be eligible to receive any Centrelink benefits? We cut through the complexity and recommend easy-to-understand solutions

Estate planning

Our team are able to assist you with your estate planning processes, by adopting a collaborative team approach with your lawyer and accountant, a method that ultimately ensures that all issues are identified and discussed and results in the best outcome being achieved.  Should you not have a relationship with a solicitor, or an accredited wills and estate specialist, we would be happy to provide you with a couple of referrals from the many specialists across the country that BNR Partners Estates and Trusts Division work with on a regular basis.

Financial needs project management

Who can I trust to co-ordinate my financial affairs with different professional advisers? Is there a simple way to share information and reports with these other professional advisers? We have the skills and knowledge to plan and manage resources to complete your project